Aconcagua (Cerro Aconcagua) is the highest mountain outside of Asia, at 6,962 meters, and by far the highest point in both the Western and the Southern Hemisphere.

Together with Sven and the Angerer brothers I traveled to Southern America in January 2014. We booked a light all-inclusive package offered by Ruefa travel agency. Thanks to Bernhard Letz at this point. On the way to Mendoza (ARG) we also met Til, Markus and Harry who booked the same tour.

The package included the flights, transfer, hotels and the Muli-transport to the base camp as well as accomodation in the BC. We still had to work hard to get to the summit and not everyone was able to reach it. I was successfull on the 25th of January, Degenhard and Dietfried followed a day later.

Afterwards there was not much time to see some other things. Although we had a great night out in Santiago de Chile.

Have a look at some pictures taken by me, Sven and Dietfried.

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