Elbrus 2012

Mount Elbrus (5,642m) is a dormant volcano located in the western Caucasus mountains, in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia of Russia, near the border with Georgia. Mt. Elbrus’s peak is the highest in the Caucasus Mountains and in Europe, and it is the tenth most prominent in the world.

My first climb of a “Seven Summit” was back in 2012. Sven, the Angerer brothers and me traveled to Caucasus in July 2012 via Moscow. The trip was organized all by our own. We hired a transfer to the north face of the mountain and climbed it in four days with nights at the Aerodrom, Nick’s Hut and Lenz rocks. Summit day was the 7th of July.

After the climb we did a spontaneous trip to Sochi and had some beach holidays too.

Here are the pictures.

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