Pik Lenin

Pik Lenin rises to 7,134 metres in Gorno-Badakhshan on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and is the second-highest point of both countries. It is considered one of the easiest 7,000 m peaks in the world to climb and it has by far the most ascents of any 7,000 m or higher peak on Earth, with every year seeing hundreds of climbers make their way to the summit. – Wikipedia

Me and Markus travelled to this beautiful country in Summer 2016. After one night in Osh we already travelled to the basecamp situated on 3,600 meters. We felt very good and climbed near Pik Petrovsky (4,800 m) already on the second day and hiked to the ABC on the third day.

After one day rest we reached Camp 2 in 5,300 meters and set up Camp 3 on the following day. After one day rest back in Camp 2 we tried the summit a first time. But due to bad weather we had to descent all the way down to ABC.

We did not trust the weather forecast so we decided to start our second summit attempt from Camp 2. We started at 11 p.m. in the night and reached the highest point after 15 hours around 2 p.m. Another five hours later we were back in Camp 2.

After this hard trip we celebrated a lot back in the base camps and spent the last days lying or walking around the beautiful scenery.

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