Chasing Ice ● Chasing Ice is an award winning documentary on climate change. In 2017 I take part in a voluntary program of Swarovski to maintain time lapse cameras for this project installed in the Stubai Alps.

Snow Leopard Trust ● I love animals. And I really love cats. And as you already may have noticed… I also love mountains. The snow leopards is a critically endangered cat although it lives in the sparsely populated mountains of Central and South Asia… even up to heights of 6000 meters. If you want to inform about snow leopards or maybe even donate, you should check out this website!


HC Schwaz ● Founded in the year 2002 by some friends this hobby football/soccer club is a matter of personal importance. Even as long I’m a member I look back on many remarkable and funny moments. Finally I also host the web site :)

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